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What People Are Saying About Donna Miller and The Couples Workshops

"Your workshop was fabulous for me. My relationship has shifted. I have also been very personally inspired by you, your ability to hold space for people has affected my own ability profoundly."
--Hanneli, Breitenbush yoga teacher, workshop presenter

"Donna Miller is exquisite in action. Wow! Our group is notorious for bringing facilitators to tears, to their knees, or to pulling their hair out. She had an incredible way of gaining trust, so that this group was willing to go where she led. And that's unusual."
--Rebecca, Resident at Breitenbush

"Recently someone commented on my husbands sense of humor and positive outlook. I said without hesitation, 'Oh, yes. I've married the most wonderful man in the world!' I reflected for a while on how good it felt to say so and it is never long after, in moments like these, that I think of you with such gratitude. The world is truly different and has been positively impacted because you've been in it. Two little girls will grow up with both their parents thanks to the work you do!" -- Susan and Scott

"I was touched by your teaching through storytelling; it was very effective for me. I was overwhelmed by your sincerity and wisdom. You are easy to listen to for long periods of time because of the tone and clarity of your calming voice." -- Linda

"I feel the workshop to be one of the best things I've ever done for myself and my partner! -- Bob

"After attending your couples workshop I have found a glimmer of hope in saving my marriage. Without the tools that you have given us I truly believe that would have been impossible." -- Elizabeth

"Thanks for spreading your miracles in our lives." --Colleen

"You are a very effective presenter of this complex and abundant body of work. The stories were fascinating. You are a tireless presenter."

"The Couples Workshop was a very effective workshop. Thank you for helping me to rapidly see that I need new tools, and thank you for the toolbox full of tools."

"Your self-confidence fills the room. Your focus and simultaneous spontaneity are honorable... breathtaking."

"The workshop was the most profound and eye opening experience of my life. It was a rebirth for me."

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