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In 2014, Donna will focus on her Conflict Resolution Workshops, to be held in various locations on the west coast (see Calendar), as well as completing a book on the subject. The Couples Workshop described below is no longer available. Instead, Donna now offers two to three full days of intensive coaching, working privately with one couple at a time.

For details, call 503-293-1757, or e-mail.

The Couples Workshop Love, Sex and Conflict
helps participants gain greater understanding and appreciation of each other as intimate best friends.  Join four to five other couples for three full days of a psycho-educational workshop, designed for couples in love, couples in the midst of growth, and couples in trouble.

The Couples Workshop focuses on increasing a meaningful awareness of how you are thinking and what you are actually doing in your relationship. A central building block is developing the ability to be closely connected to your partner and still remain yourself.

Communication skill-building will provide practical, down-to-earth information you can use immediately to strengthen your relationship and to begin healing and attending to relationship concerns.

  • focus on communication, conflict and intimacy.
  • reawaken and enhances your passionate connection.
  • tackle the problems of blaming, defensiveness and withdrawing.
  • dramatically increase individual awareness of the necessity of personal development to sustain long-term relationships.
  • beat the odds and stay together -- happily.

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